Smartphone Unveiled From Year 1928?

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Scientist Search Social Media For Time-travelers.

I have been inspired by the research theory by Vernon Neppe on the topic of déjà vu from New Thinking Allowed at YouTube and wondered if time travel evidence may be evident from our experiences of déjà vu. If so perhaps it may have been recorded on the Internet, photographs and motion picture film. Could we change history from the archives from natural time travel phenomenon or time travel technology? Do we change time individually when we wake up each morning after our dreams.

If temporal bilocation were possible could the man talking on a cellphone in the YouTube video from the Charlie Chaplin film in the year 1928 be proof of a time-slip or teleportation from a natural phenomenon that has not yet been discovered.

In the year 1921 Herman Weil proposed the wormhole theory. In the year 1935 Einstein made a realization from his solutions in the Einstein field equation (EFE) that time travel is possible through a wormhole such as a blackhole. Scientists refer to the Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Einstein says, Time is like a river that speeds up and slows down. Time is not constant in the universe.

Researchers from Michigan Technological University, in the year 2013 in the month of September, posted a message in twitter inviting time travelers to reveal their existence in our time line. Time travelers were to post in twitter “#ICanChangeThePast2” or “#ICannotChangeThePast2” a month earlier, on or before August 2013.

source: Searching the Internet for evidence of time travelers. Robert J Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson, Department of Physics, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI 49931 –

The following film excerpt posted in YouTube is The Circus by Charlie Chaplin from the year 1928. In this post we will look for proof of time travel technologies.

Question: How can you create an archive or recorded image of scientific proof that a cellphone in the year 1928 can communicate to the year of 1999 (without making a sign with written words) if the technology were possible?

Idea: Electromagnetic fields can be represented in pulse width modulation. Television engineers use a test-pattern for calibrating broadcast video signals. Could the video signal calibration be the zebra patterns intended for scientific telemetry if time travel were  recorded on film?  Notice how the zebra stripe pattern are similar to television broadcast lines when a signal is not received.   Television broadcast signals are also measured by the image clarity hence making a ghost-like image.  The effect of fade out transition of the man seems to imply teleportation from a cellphone or hidden entrance in the shadow. Notice how the shadows are on the ground and on the trees. The man stops momentarily and turns to the camera. This suggests the scientist requested for the man on the phone to look into the camera lens to record proof of time travel. It may also appear the man said something relaying the fact his presence with a phone has been recognized by the cameraman. Otherwise the man appears to prefer not being recorded on film, perhaps concealing advance telecommunication technologies, he turns away and continues walking. The following video at YouTube published on Oct 23, 2010 might be evidence of time travel.

Alan Arqueza theorizes the following three concepts.

Is the man talking on a cellphone a time traveler, a recorded natural phenomenon of a person entering from a parallel universe into our space-time era, or the extraterrestrial explorer visiting our planet in the year 1928 in the Charlie Chaplin film?

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Smartphone in the year 1928 in The Circus by Charlie Chaplin at YouTube .

Image above is an example illustrating pulse width modulation from wikipedia.

Image above is a television test pattern that is broadcast for black-and-white television signals.  The test image is used for sign-on and sign-off to check for broadcast reception. Broadcast engineers used the image to make necessary calibrations to adjust perspective, framing, linearity, frequency response, differential gain, contrast and white level (brightness).

Image source wikipedia:


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Physics Quantum Entanglement SmartPhone Project

Scientist researching time travel should consider using a cellphone to send and receive calls from the future and from the year 1928.  It is a research concept I propose at this moment at 12:17pm California on 22 March 2017.


Perhaps using NASA NuStar to send the signals into the black hole at 47 Tucanae x9. Why? If my Psi abilities are accurate this could be the portal that could explain the YouTube video  of the Charlie Chaplin cellphone in the year 1928 from the movie The Circus.  Keep an open mind and remember that it has not been proven the technology in the excerpt was a radio or hearing aid.  It could be our first recorded event of a time traveler or extraterrestrial explorer.  Maybe a time-slip can be explored using NASA NuStar  with cellphone technologies.

47 Tucanae X9

NASA NuStar records images of radio emissions from a black hole.